Somerset Christmas Trees From £12 - While Stocks Last!

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If you’re looking for Christmas Trees in Somerset, look no further. Our excellent value, high quality trees are now in stock from our Farm in Somerset and prices start from just £12.

Christmas tree FAQs

Which tree should I buy?

At Secret Valley Christmas Trees we offer three varieties of trees that will suit all tastes and budgets.

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees.jpeg

Fraser Fir

Frasers are generally a narrower tree which makes them perfect for a smaller room.

With green silvery soft short needles and that classic Christmas tree scent, they are great for young families or people with less space.

0-6 ft | £35

6-7 ft | £40

7-8 ft | £45

8-9 ft | £50

9-10 ft | £60

Norway Spruce Christmas Trees Somerset.jpeg

Norway Spruce

This traditional tree has dark green spiky needles and a beautiful Christmas tree scent.

Although sometimes criticised for its needle drop, we cut our Norway Spruce trees daily. This means the trees have fantastic needle retention.

0-6 ft | £22

6-7 ft | £27

7-8 ft | £32

8-9 ft | £37

9-10 ft | £42

10-11 ft | £47

Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees in Somerset.jpeg

Nordmann Fir

Renowned for its needle retention this glossy green Christmas tree has soft needles making it a great choice for families with young children or pets.

It’s traditional shape and practicality make this our most popular tree.

0-6 ft | £35

6-7 ft | £40

7-8 ft | £50

8-9 ft | £65

9-10 ft | £75

What size Christmas tree should I buy?

We recommend choosing a tree that’s at least six inches shorter than your ceiling height. To be on the safe side, allow one and half feet: this will give you enough room for your tree stand and tree topper. So for a seven and a half foot room, a six foot tree would be perfect.

Don’t forget the width too! It’s best to allow at least three inches around the area you plan to put the tree so branches aren’t squashed up against walls or crowding furniture.

How do I get my Christmas tree home?

We are happy to net your tree and put it in (or on!) your car for you.

When should I buy my tree?

If looked after carefully, cut trees can last for four to six weeks. So you can buy your tree anytime from now onwards.

If you’d like to get your tree from Secret Valley Christmas Trees, we recommend sooner rather than later, as we sell out every year!

How can I find you?

Our address is Cobbs Cross Farm, Goathurst, Somerset, TA5 2DN. The site is very well signposted and easy to find.

When are you open?

We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5.00pm and Sundays from 10am to 4pm.