8 reasons you should consider a real Christmas tree this year...

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The Christmas tree is at the centre of the festive season. If you put one up in your front room – and millions of us will – you’re going to have to look at it all over Christmas, so you may as well make it look good. But it can be a tricky business getting your Christmas tree just right; choosing the right lights, It can be a big decision. The biggest Christmas tree decision, however, is made before you go bauble ballistic. So… do you go for a real tree or an artificial one? While fake trees have their place (usually in the home of someone who doesn’t want to spend all of January picking pine needles out of their carpet), Christmas is a time to get real. 

Here are the reasons why your Christmas tree should be real this year.

1. Picking one out is better than going to the attic...

Picking out a real Christmas tree is a much more memorable experience. You can peruse a yard of beautiful trees, each one puffing out their green chest in the hope you will take it home – you get to seem them in all their glory before making your choice.

2. Real trees just smell of Christmas

I love the smell of new pine in the morning.

Pine needles smell great, but their scent has also been found to have a positive effect on the mind.

3. Decorating a real tree is much more satisfying.

Fake trees have those regimented gaps between the green that test your patience. Decorating them is a bit like painting by numbers. But a real tree tests something else – your skill as a creator of Christmas. Its contours don’t follow the rules of plastic, making your final decoration (a thousand tweaks and all) that much more satisfying.

4. Real trees have got the look

The true meaning of Christmas? Outdoing everybody else by having the best possible tree in your living room.

A real tree just looks amazing, the kind of thing that will entice Santa to leave more presents behind after he plonks down the chimney.

5. A real Christmas tree is good for your health

A real tree is better for your well-being than a fake one..

6. You can’t trim an artificial tree

If your real Christmas tree doesn’t quite fit into the corner of the room, just grab your shears and do some trimming. But if a fake tree doesn’t fit, you have to take it back to the shop and pick something in a smaller size.

7. Real trees are better for the environment

They are far more sustainable..

Real trees are grown as an ornamental crop specifically for Christmas, there is no deforestation – in fact, quite the opposite: millions of Christmas trees are planted every year. Christmas tree plantations improve the atmosphere, reducing humanity’s carbon footprint.It’s also good for the environment providing shelter for birds and wildlife while the trees are growing.

8. You can’t turn a fake tree into compost

When you’re done with your real Christmas tree, it moves on to a better place… not the cupboard under the stairs.

Real Christmas trees are recycled as green waste, they get mulched up and made into compost.

This is why you should buy a real Christmas tree..